Cara Feldman

Fashion is the silence that expresses our inner selves.

Cara Feldman

My Story

"Some saw me as a timid little girl; they were not wrong. I was the victim of a broken home. When my mother left my father tried to fill the void – he worked hard to give us a decent chance in life, however, he struggled to make a living. At home, I suffered from poverty, in school I suffered from the stigma of divorce. 

However, I recall the day that changed my perspective, forever. It was the day I first volunteered for UNICEF and realized what true poverty is. I saw some homes where the children couldn’t afford their basic nutritional or hygienic needs.

That was also the day I changed as a person. Going out and volunteering for UNICEF made me proud, and chipped away at my timidness. Slowly, I felt myself gain stamina and confidence. Thus, I can truly say that UNICEF has done for me more than I have done for them"

During my first meeting with Eyeleos they asked me, “What charity do you care for most?” When I told them how volunteering for UNICEF changed me as a person they immediately said, “We will give ten percent of all proceeds from your collection to UNICEF!

Eyeleos Experience

Every Eyeleos frame tells a tale of personal kindness - of a commitment to turn our vast planet into a little home!