Before checkout you’ll be asked to upload your prescription or to enter it manually. It is an extremely easy process and shouldn’t take more than a minute.

Only for prescription lenses.

The PD measurement is the “pupillary distance” i.e., the distance, in millimeters, between your pupils.
Knowing the PD measurement enables us to center your prescription perfectly in your lenses!

No worries! Sometimes, eye doctors don’t include the PD measurement in your prescription details. Eyeleos will therefore use an AI-technology-tool to get your precise PD when you upload your prescription.

We are happy to! Click here to contact us.

You can call your eye doctor and ask for a copy of your prescription. They almost surely have your records on file.

We currently offer single-vision (- the most common prescription type) and readers (simple magnifying lenses for reading).

Sorry but we currently do not offer any of these specialty prescriptions.

We include free single-vision prescription lenses made from premium polycarbonate with every frame.
While other sellers may charge an upgrade-fee for polycarbonate lenses we take pride in providing the best lenses free of charge to our customers.

Yes, we do offer ultra-thin lenses, known in the industry as high-index lenses.

Yes, we do offer ultra-thin lenses, known in the industry as high-index lenses.

High-index lenses are made from a thin and light material that won’t create a Coke-bottle effect as it is shaped to accommodate higher prescriptions. If your prescription is lower than -3.5 or higher than +3.5 total power, we recommend high-index lenses. They offer increased clarity and sharpness for your vision needs. If you have questions about your prescription, please contact us.

There are many tips, here is a quick list:

a. Use the microfiber cloth we sent with your glasses to wipe the lenses and the frame. Don’t use other cloths or materials, as they have rougher fibers that can scratch your lenses.
b. Just use warm water - it’ll break down grease and fingerprints just fine on its own. Never use dish soap, laundry detergent, or other cleaning products. They’ll strip your lens coatings right off the surface!
c. Whenever you’re not wearing your glasses store them in the hard case to keep them safe, especially during the night. Too many pairs of glasses find their sad ending under the night-time crush of a human foot 😉!

Here is a quick review:
OD: Latin abbreviation for right eye.
OS: Latin abbreviation for left eye.
Sphere (SPH): Sphere indicates how strong your lenses need to be. This will be accompanied by a plus (+) or minus (-), which indicates whether you’re farsighted or nearsighted.

We have a 30-day, hassle-free return or exchange policy. If you not totally satisfied with your purchase, we’ll get you set up with a full refund or an exchange within 30 days of receipt.

(Note: Refunds must be credited to the original payment method.)

Well “Eleos” is the Greek personification of compassion and kindness; add “eye” to the mix and you get EYELEOS!

It'll depend on the type of lens you selected, and your prescription type.

Please expect 2-5 business days for it to be ready. Although sometimes we can ship them out within 24 hrs!

Once shipped, you'll receive an email and tracking details. Please lookout for it.