Story Inspired Eyewear

Every Eyeleos frame has a story and a mission. With each purchase we donate to a charity inspired by our models’ life stories.

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Daria Mudrova's Collection

"I moved to America without knowing a word of English & fell in love with its open and accepting culture"

"My frames are inspired by the delicate kindness in the smiles of others"

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Darrel Hamilton X Chin's Collection

Help me with my fight against cancer

"When my father died I realized that our stories outlast us; our deeds become our legacies, and our stories become eternal memories"

"To me, eyewear must tell a story. It must tell your story!"

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Cara Feldman's Collection

"I grew up having little, but soon realized that there were others that had even less. I am touched by the subtle words of courage that strangers share"

"I believe that fashion is the silence that expresses our inner selves"

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Meghan Rubbo's Collection

"Pets become an extension of our family and show us unconditional love every single day"

"To me fashion is the skill of turning simple materials into works of art"

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Mike Provenzano's Collection

"The years I spent in foster care taught me the importance of kindness. It doesn’t take much to change a child’s day: a single smile, a word of courage, or the toss of a ball"

"Fashion is our way of telling the world what we care about"

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