Darrell Hamilton

Eyewear must tell a story – it must tell your story.

Darrell Hamilton

My Story

My favorite memory is that of ‘twelve-year-old me’ sitting with my sister in my dad’s minivan. He took us on a road trip down to Florida. As we traveled I loved seeing the variating landscapes and different cities. But more than anything I loved the family time. 

Shortly thereafter I lost my dad to cancer, and then, my grandfather died too. 

As the oldest brother, I felt responsible to step up and be the best role model possible.

In my first conversation with Eyeleos, they asked me, “What charity would you like us to support?” For me, the answer was simple, “Cancer Research”.  [10% of proceeds from my collection will go towards Cancer Research]

Eyeleos Experience

Every Eyeleos frame tells a tale of personal kindness - of a commitment to turn our vast planet into a little home!