Daria Mudrova

My frames are inspired by the delicate kindness in the smiles of others

Daria Mudrova

My Story

"I was a young teenager when I left my home in a small Russian town to pursue a higher education. I boarded the train with only my textbooks and briefcase, and waved goodbye to all those who were dear to me. I felt a tangible loneliness pulsating through my veins. I feared the days ahead.

Yet, as soon as I arrived in Moscow I was greeted by the smiles of strangers. People who didn’t know me cared to make me feel comfortable. I felt liked and cared for. They taught me the value of a smile.

A few years on and I came to America to advance my career. Here too, I came across kind strangers, people from all kinds of backgrounds, including from my home country, who cared to make me feel welcome.  

In short: my story is not my own. It belongs to those strangers who cared to give me their smiles."

St’ Jude’s hospital is the Temple of Hope for the most vulnerable children in the world. It stands on the simple principle that no child should be denied treatment based on their race, religion or family's ability to pay.
I love what they do. And I’m excited that Eyeleos will be giving 10% of proceeds from my collection to help support the efforts of St’ Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.

Eyeleos Experience

Every Eyeleos frame tells a tale of personal kindness - of a commitment to turn our vast planet into a little home!