Mike Provenzano

Fashion is our way of telling the world what we care about.

Mike Provenzano

My Story


"I was raised in foster care by the wonderful human angels @ Bethanna - a group of dedicated people devoted to give every child the experience of a home. 

I was lucky enough to have a supportive environment. However, the sad truth is that many children do not. 

Therefore, I have dedicated my life to these vulnerable children. I teach them life-skills, coach them in sports, and try to give them hope that there can be a better tomorrow!

I strongly believe in the wise adage: let your hardships be the engine that propels you to do greater kindness!"

10% of every purchase will go directly to support the angels at Bethanna.org to help them give every child hope.

Eyeleos Experience

Every Eyeleos frame tells a tale of personal kindness - of a commitment to turn our vast planet into a little home!